Consortium of Self Help Group Approach Promoters (CoSAP) is an umbrella of SHG promoting organizations. Members, who adopt the SHG approach as a key tool for the empowerment of women, utilize this platform as a unifying mechanism for the implementation of the approach. This objective is realized through the provision of capacity building training to member organization and representing them in any policy level discussion that paves the ground for the proliferation of the approach.

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    CoSAP is an umbrella of organization that promotes the Self Help Group (SHG) in Ethiopia

The Consortium of Self help group Approach Promoters (CoSAP)

The Consortium of Self-help group Approach Promoters (CoSAP) is an umbrella of NGOs that are engaged in the promotion of the Self Help Group (SHG) program in different parts of Ethiopia. CoSAP is established and operational with registration number 1590

<font color="#fff">OUR VISION</font>


To see Self-help communities support each other for economic betterment and stand for social justice in Ethiopia

<font color="#fff">OUR MISSION</font>


Coordinate and catalyze sustainable Self-help development through capacity enhancement, advocacy, research and partnerships

<font color="#fff">STRATEGIC GOALS</font>


• Enable organizations to participate and positively contribute in the country’s sustainable development and poverty reduction programs;
• Strengthen the organizational capacity and create enabling environment organizations and women institutions;
• Create conducive environment for organizations to closely work and create partnership with other organizations to influence policy;
• Introduce and share best experiences with organizations, women groups, national and international development partners;
• Build the capacity of member organizations, women’s SHG institutions and grassroots level actors working on Gender Equality and Women Empowerment and;
• Facilitate linkages between organizations, SHG institutions and government bodies for dialogue, discussion and cooperation on pertinent issues that affect the lives of women.

Our Core Values

we will be guided by the following core values in our day today operations, internally & externally:






Social Values

CoSAP Annual Learning and sharing event.

Consortium of Self Help Group Approach Promoters (CoSAP) had organized Annual Learning and Sharing event at Inter Luxury Hotel Addis Ababa on December 2022.

key Figures in 2023

+ Member organizations of CoSAP reached 33 in 2023

+ CoSAP operates in 7 regional states & 2 city administrations of Ethiopia

+ 12 staff (7 female ) & 6 volunteers (6 female) working in CoSAP in 2023

+ 8 board members (5 female) are serving CoSAP in 2023

+ Amount of budget in 2023 is 26,545,693.00

Latest News

Our Team

The day to day operations of CoSAP office is led by the Director, assisted by Program Coordination and Administration and Finance sections.

  • Mr. Yosef Akalu

    Director of CoSAP
  • Mrs. Emebet Tibebu

    Administration and Finance section
  • Mr. Darek Yibeltal

    Resource Mobilization & PMEAL Unit Head
  • Mrs. Betemariam Gashaw

    Program Assistance
  • Mr. Thomas Meknonnen

    Project Coordinator
  • Mrs. Liyou Alene

    Admin and Finance Coordinator
  • Mr. Yoseph Arage

  • Mrs. Meseret Tsegaye

    Store and Messenger
  • Mrs. Hana Eshetu

    Program Officer
  • Ms. Bezawit Abnew

    Admin Assistance
  • Mrs. Asinakech Tessema

    Field Officer
  • Mr. Melkamu Daksa

    Project Coordinator
  • Mrs. Martha Wubishet

    Field Officer

Members Organizations

Best Practices & Success Stories

  • Mrs. Sukare Shanko is a 30 years old women, who lives at wollega; Hababo Guduru Woreda, Lalistu Loya kebele, She has four children and her livelihood is based on farming over her plot of land. Due to the small income she earns from the farming, she was unable to meet all her family needs.
    Mrs. Sukare joined the SHG called 'kena' meaning (ours) which was established by Gurmuu's support in 1999 E.C.
  • Meseret Tasew, a determined mother of six residing in Adama City, found her strength within the self help group (SHG) called Edget, located in Akaki Sub City of Adama City. In 2011, Meseret embarked on her transformative journey with Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) in Ethiopia, inspired by the success stories shared by her neighbor. Despite the challenges posed by inconsistent income and her husband's daily labor work, the family was unwavering in their determination to overcome poverty. With the vital assistance of YWCA, their SHG was successfully established, marking the beginning of their empowering venture.
    Remarkably, she has already achieved the significant milestone of constructing a home for her family, investing 200,000 Birr. Being a member of the SHG has not only transformed her life but also the lives of her family members, providing them with unprecedented opportunities and renewing their hope for a better tomorrow. Her commitment extends beyond their household; she is devoted to empowering women, enabling them to become self-sufficient, and supporting their families independently.

Donors and Partners

  • European Union

  • ICTJ

  • Master Card

  • WHH

  • UN Women

Overview of CoSAP

CoSAP is an umbrella of SHG promoting indigenous non-profit organizations (NGOs) which are engaged in poverty alleviation and sustainable development through Self Help Group approach.

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